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"I shall be the first to say I do enjoy now being home, but being on va-ca-tion was most wonderful," she blushed, looking down at her hand, held tightly by Robin.
"Yeah, but it's good to be back where we know the city and what we're doing."
"Most of the time! Dude, do we ever actually know what we're doing? Cyborg, dude, I totally am gonna cream you in Mega Racers 3!" Beast Boy sprinted, hurtled over the couch, grabbed the Game Sphere controllers, and reclined back on the couch.
"Not right now BB, I have to check the security systems." Cyborg hit the control panel and began typing, then he turned to the stairs and went down to the basement, presumably to check the main security system… "Oh, my baby… didya miss me? I know ya did. I missed ya too… No, baby the T-ship has nothin' on you! I can take ya on a drive later, would ya like that? I'd feel the same way if someone locked me in the garage for two weeks," or not.
"Hey Raven," Beast Boy sang as he patted the seat next to him, beckoning me with a controller, "ya know ya want toooo."
"Seeing as I haven't properly meditated in two weeks, I wouldn't be annoying me," I gritted my teeth. Yet for some strange reason I was glad that he had taken my attention away from Cyborg, who was doing who knows what with his car.
"What if we had a breakfast party?! After living off Japanese food for so long I bet you could go for some waf-fles!"
"Can't you find someone else to bother?" I said, starting on my way to my room.
"Robin and Star are workin' out and Cyborg's lovin' up the T-car… So whadiya say to a waffle party? Your favorite thing with your favorite Titan? Eh? EH?"
"One: I think both Robin and Aqualad are busy right now, and two: I really need to meditate."
"Oh HA, HA!" He blocked my way, and crossed his arms.
"You can always just call someone; you do have other friends, don't you? If you have any at all,
because you annoy us too much." Beast Boy's eyes widened, I realized I had actually gotten to him. He turned around and stormed out of the main room and down the hall to his room, slamming the door.
For a minute I actually felt sorry, but the moment passed and if I was even going to think about apologizing (not that I wanted to, but he looked really bad) I had to meditate first. I blamed my outburst on my pent up powers, so I used them to carry me to my bedroom, open and close my door, and take me to my bed.
I sat up, levitating over the bed as I crossed my legs and began to chant, "Azarath metrion zinthos," over and over.

After the getting home we disbanded to reacquaint ourselves with the Tower we had left. Robin said that we should train because we had not in sometime. However, the team had scattered so only I was left to hear his suggestion.
"They appear to be busy, but I will train with you, Robin."
It was his turn to go red in the face, "Okay then."
He led me through the halls and to the training room.
"Will this then be our first date?" I said upon entrance to the room of training.
His cheeks again went red, "Uh, no…"
"What? Do you not like me? We have just begun the going out and I thought it was going so gloriously…" He took both of my hands, "No, Star you don't understand; a date is something special, this is just one-on-one time."
I saw in his eyes that he was sincere, "So you still wish to be my friend-that-is-more-than-just-a-boy- who-is-a-friend?"
"Yes, Star, I do."
I leaned in and began to kiss him. He put his arms around my waist and I put mine about his neck, so I could run my fingers through his wonderfully spiky hair.

The T-car was lonely, she'd been locked in the garage for two weeks, you'd be stir crazy too! So I revved her up and took her out for a spin (if Robin caught me, I could say I was scouting the city for bad guy butt to kick, after all he probably wasn't doing anything productive anyway).
I drove to Julio's All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Station and went in, boy that Japanese food is good but a guy can only live so long without pizza. I sat down in the corner booth that had a permanent dent in it the shape of my butt.
"My man, Cyborg! Dude you're back!" Julio stepped out from behind the counter and high fived my raised hand.
"You want the norm', dude?" Julio wasn't really my friend but he liked how much money I spent at his restaurant, so every time I came in he greeted me like a long lost brother.
"What's a welcome home party without Mega Meat Lovers' Pizza and Cherry Pepsi?!" I shouted.
Julio whistled and a small chick appeared from the kitchen, pushing a metal cart piled with six Mega Meat Lovers' Pizza boxes stacked on top of each other and two gallons of Cherry Pepsi. He'd been expecting me! Yeah, dawg, no wait!
Someone called from the kitchen with a phone, so Julio ran back to work.
The girl picked up the pizzas and Pepsis and put them on the table fit for eight.
"Thanks—uh—Nicki." I read the chick's nametag. "No prob', dude."
There was something familiar about her voice, and as she turned toward the kitchen I caught a glimpse of the pink hair that was mostly hidden by the hairnet and 'Julio's Station' hat.
Yeah, I knew who she was, but if she wanted to talk to me she woulda said somethin', right? So I ripped open the first box and dug in.

It took four hours, but I finally decided I was done.
*Grrr* oh, shut it, okay so my stupid stomach was hungry, and since that thought hadn't caused anything to explode I guessed it was okay to stop meditating and go eat. Who knows, maybe Beast Boy calmed down enough to make waffles after all.
I let myself float to the foot of the bed, then I walked out the door and down the hall. I breathed in deeply; there was no smell of butter or syrup, crap…
I kept walking, thinking about what I could make to eat, or if I should just give up and call for a pizza when I suddenly stopped walking.
Looking around I didn't see anyone, but I just felt like I wasn't alone. I turned around; the closest thing was someone's bedroom door.
My spine tingled, something had definitely caught my attention, and it was close.
The presence didn't seem threatening so I walked back to inspect the door. 'Beast Boy' Great, just great…
I knocked, sensing that no one was in there anyway, and opened the door. "Hello?"
"Gees, you'd think he could keep this place clean…" I levitated off the floor, avoiding a pile of clothes, ick, and whatever other crap that he had thrown on the floor as I closed the door.
Looking around, nothing caught my attention; a few dressers, a TV, a closet door, bunk beds, and clothes and who-knows-what everywhere, but that was Beast Boy. Why had I even come in here?
Oh yeah, weird feeling…
I sensed for his aura trail. He had come through the door, stormed around the room, then collapsed on the bottom bunk. I crossed my legs and sat down in mid-air beside his bed and pulled out the book from beneath it so it hovered in front of me. It had his aura all over it, this was what I was in here for; the object itself had called me in from the hallway.

I broke away from Robin's embrace and ran, giggling.
After finding that which I was looking for, a yo-gaa sphere, which I picked up and playfully threw at him, I turned around to watch him. "Nice shot," he breathed, jumping over the sphere as it bounced, "but can you handle hand-to-hand?"
He reached me, going the martial artist at me. My reflexes allowed me to block every strike, so I started with my own moves. He was unprepared as I grabbed his arms and threw him into the air.

I pulled a batarang out of my utility belt and flung it at the ceiling. It wrapped around a bar and immediately the rope connecting it to me pulled me up too.
Star was already there waiting, "I am most sorry to say that now you are in my 'limb of the woods' and that I have the advantage."
She shot a starbolt at me, I could barely move enough in time for it to reach me.
Now I was spinning, great, and the rope had stopped reeling, even better. She had set me up so that she had to win, wow she's good.
But I'm better, I thought, grabbing the line with my hand while using the other to swing myself up. I was close enough that I grabbed a rafter bar and flipped up to stand on top of it. The rope broke off from my belt so I could come back for it later. She raised her arms in an attack position, "How do you wish to proceed?" As she smiled her eyes and fists lit up with green energy.
I pulled my staff from my utility belt and adjusted my stance to fit the environment.
"Do your worst," she beckoned.
I jumped forward onto the bar in front of hers, I swiped at her a few times but she dodged every attempt, so I swung at her feet. She jumped up, underestimating the small space, and hit her head on a thick metal plate holding up the bars.
Her body went limp as she fell…

Beast Boy
What is her problem? I mean seriously we're home five minutes and she has to bring up the I-hate-Beast-Boy crap. Why can't she just be nice and play video games for once? Just humor me one time…
I don't know why I let her get to me anyway… oh yeah, forgot: today's the day.
We had such a nice trip; I thought that for one day she could just not insult me.
I got hungry, but had no appetite, so I left my room, grabbed some chips and sat on the couch to watch TV, hoping that maybe that would cheer me up.

I paid the bill wilt an extra tip to Julio for having everything fresh and ready, as always—but I hadn't been here in two weeks, so I had to give him somethin' extra.
I walked to my car, "Hey baby, didcha miss me?"
"You talk to your car? How come that doesn't surprise me."
I blushed and turned around to see how I had missed her. She leaned against a jet black motorcycle in her full costume with a helmet to match her ride sitting on its handlebar. "Hey, thoughtchu were in Steel City with Kid Flash..." How's that for a nice conversation starter?
She smirked, "Guess Bird Boy didn't tell you who had to cover for you guys here."
But why you, why not Titans East?
She must have known what I was thinking, "KF told Bird Boy that we should come because there's no one close enough out here, and he could run fast enough to be here right after you left anyway. KF figured Titans East was close enough to Steel City that they could handle it for us."
She got on the bike and picked up her helmet, "We shouldn't be talking here, follow me." She pulled the bike out and revved the engine. I got in my car and raced after her as she drove like a maniac through the (luckily) almost empty streets.
My computer crashed earlier this Summer and I thought I lost everything though my cousin fixed it, so after that scare (I thought I lost everything that I had ever written on my laptop) I decided that I should start uploading things.

I love TT and have been wanting to do this for years so I started this fanfic in March 2012 right before I created my deviantart site! So here it is, hastily thrown onto the internet after being reread and reread for the better part of five months.
I am still writing for it, though my Razer origin story only took about two weeks to complete most of it. :) :) :)
Thank you!!!!!

HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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